Fizzled out

No big surprise here... I only made it half-way. But that means I got through the majority of July! So I'll take it.

July 14
Theme: Shirt/Blouse
The Story: I was feeling like a bit of a fashionista today (for someone who works in an office where others routinely come to work in shorts/sweats and t-shirts). No better day than photo day for that.
July 15
Theme: Morning
The Story: Breakfast is the best part of the day.

July 16
Theme: Ring
The Story: This is my favorite ring. I love the feather, I love the finish. I really wanted to find a way to photograph the sound ring, but nothing came my way.

July 17
Theme: Beach
The Story: Living in western Washington means beaches are all over the place. After a lovely dinner birthday with Debbie overlooking the water, I took the dog to this park and a lovely walk.

July 18
Theme: Basket
The Story: I have a great aunt that passed away this year. I got this basket when we were cleaning up her house. It is the perfect size to put a little blanket and pillow for a little outdoor lounging.

July 25
Theme: Sign
The Story: My brother and I went for a hike around the Bogachiel area. It was beautiful and there was almost no one else around. Peaceful.

July 26
Theme: Road/Street
The Story: Driving home from LaPush was amazing. My favorite was this little construction area by Crescent Lake. I never caught the sign asking me to "Please follow." Such a polite pilot.

July 24
Theme: Summer drink
The Story: What is better than an Icee? Year round, but especially in the summer!

July 22
Theme: Household chore
The Story: Love perspective shots. The long handles of floor chore tools is perfect for that.

July 21
Theme: Exercise
The Story: Exercise starts with the feet. A friend has a lovely display of shoes that shows how we need to protect our feet.

July 20
Theme: Bird
The Story: Earlier this year, a bird built her nest at the construction site of a treehouse in the making. Construction was halted but it was too late, mother had abandoned her nest. We saved the nest and bright blue egg.

July 28
Theme: Friend
The Story: After a lovely day at the Blueberry Festival in Mossyrock, we snapped this pic. We've had so much fun this summer!

July 27
Theme: Stuffed animal
The Story: While I'm sure they meant a plush toy, whenever Harv sleeps like this I think he looks like a dog who's just had way too much to eat.
Thus ends the photo challenge for this summer. It was amazing fun, but I have to admit I'm a little glad it's over. I don't think I'm comfortable with forced creativity!


A little less inspiring

I may have bit off more than I can chew. I'm also trying to get out of my house and do more, but that doesn't always lend itself to getting the right shots. But this is a really good exercise in creativity through laziness. And I'm truly all right with that... for now.

July 7, 2014
Theme: Silly
The Story: I have a beautiful friend who doesn't like her picture taken. We were out walking around Tumwater Falls Park and, again, she ducked. It made me laugh and totally fit the bill for the day.
July 8, 2014
Theme: Hot/Cold
The Story: We've had a Western Washington heat wave lately. That means temperatures up in the 90s. Most would think that's particularly wimpy, but for us it's CRAZY! I feel like I got both options in this photo: panting dog with the A/C unit in the background. Win-Win.
July 9, 2014
Theme: Slippery
The Story: It was so late, nothing had felt slippery all day long. Then I found the red lip gloss. It just felt right.
July 10, 2014
Theme: Sweet
The Story: I wanted this to be more, "Dude, that's so sweet!" than sugary or cute. It was awesome going to Al's game. There's something so right about girls running and sweating and having fun and not worrying about being cute or anything else. Sweet! Still the heatwave so getting help cooling down was also sweet. Don't get a toothache from all the sweet going on.
July 11, 2013
Theme: Bumpy
The Story: I went to a potluck bonfire that night. I decided to bring a fruit plate of ripe fruit from the farmer's market and that meant berries and cherries. The raspberries and marionberries were so deliciously bumpy, I couldn't resist.
July 12, 2014
Theme: City
The Story: I live in a place that is decidedly not the city. Even the cities aren't all that city. I almost didn't leave the house this day. Thanks goodness for music in the park. The tree in the building is a perfect reflection (bit heavy-handed, no?) of the type of city I operate in. Even in the more populated areas we still have a lot of country just around the corner.
July 13, 2014
Theme: Pink
The Story: I had a great opportunity to get just the best picture of my grandma in a great pink blouse, but I missed it. So you get this instead, the only non-clothing pink I found. Now that I think of it, there was something else I could have done... must have been the heat!


July & August 2014 Photo-a-day challenge kick-off

I've decided to do a photo a day challenge for the next two months. It's because I don't have class for the summer. I plan on posting the photos here once a week or so. Hopefully the pictures improve with practice and the journey is enjoyable.

July 3 (started late)
Theme: Building/House
The Story: I wanted to do a picture of my house. Love the color of the door and thought a shot of the entire entry would be a good kick-off to welcoming you into the photo trek.
July 4
Theme: Patriotic/Fireworks
The Story: Spent a lovely evening at the Tumwater 4th Event. Got an elephant ear from my favorite local vendor. This was my favorite shot from the show with the little puffs of smoke.

July 5
Theme: Tree
The Story: It was a busy day and I was keeping my eye out for the perfect tree shot. I wanted to tell the story of a tree by only shooting part of the whole. Finally, at twilight, I was still working on the shot when I noticed the bundle of seeds hanging just over my shoulder. It was a "eureka" moment. What better way than to shoot the prequel to the tree. I had to use a flashlight to get the mood just right.

July 6
Theme: Cup/Mug
The Story: This is just my favorite mug. It makes me happy and the memory of finding it and picking out the perfect one always makes me smile.


Didn't do it

I posted about a possibly crazy activity. But I resisted. Almost got another dog. Fortunately, reason won out.

Harvey's probably glad. He definitely sleeps well!


Only eight months

I was at a training this morning and they asked if anyone had a personal blog. I thought, "I do!"

My next thought was, "Should I update it?"

Apparently, the answer is yes. To make this entry more interesting, I'll tell you that I'm thinking about doing something a little crazy. Don't worry, it's not too earth-shaking. But it's gonna be good.

So my next entry will be the report. And if I can learn how to post photos again, maybe I'll tell you the Hawaii adventure I had a few weeks ago.

Aloha, Sidse!


New App

I picked up a new app yesterday. It's, of course, a camera app. They call it "Cartoon Camera". The best part is how good pictures of Harvey turn out. You want to see? Of course you do.

Man, that dog is cute!


Get Motivated?

I went to the Get Motivated! conference with Jenn on Tuesday. It wasn't as motivating as the title makes it sound. But there was one really cool thing: Laura Bush came. And brought the Secret Service with her! I spent her entire talk ( This is what it was like moving into the White House. This is what 9/11 was like for me. This is what it's like out of the White House. We wrote books! ) starting at the Secret Service agent who spent her entire talk scanning the crowd. That was pretty awesome.


Oh my hiking!

I tell myself I love the outdoors. And I try to spend time out in them. But sometimes they really kick my butt! Jenn, her niece, and the Tucketts went to hike lower Lena. We'd read all about it. An easy hike with gentle switchbacks. About 4 miles roundtrip.

What it didn't mention was it was switchbacks up for most of the three miles one way. The kids did great. So did the dogs. So did Robin & Jeremiah. So did Jenn. I, on the otherhand, thought I was going to die.

But after a rest at the lakeside and downhill the whole way back, it was a pretty pleasant day. Harvey slept the entire way back, tucked between me and the door.


The strangest thing...

I was driving through Lacey the other day. Corner of Martin and Sleater-Kinney.

Yup, that's a goat. 


Making a run for the border...not that one, the other one

Well, it's time for a photo update.

In June I went up to see Marcella and Lola.

AJ was in a production of "Little Shop of Horrors" and was a fantastic actor.

I also got to meet Amy's newest addition, Ma'afala.

The ride home was warm and beautiful. It was Harvey's first road trip. We had a great time!